ArtistTiina Itkonen
PublisherKehrer Verlag Germany
SizeLandscape 300 × 240 mm
Content104 pages / 45 images
TextsJean-Michel Huctin, Pirkko Siitari
BindingSewn binding, hard cover

Design and layout, edit and sequencing.

Tiina Itkonen is a Finnish photographer famous for her photographs from Greenland. This is already second book I made for her. Avannaa is full of amazing superb quality panoramic images of North Greenland Greenlandish landscapes. In these images blue skies and ice shines everywhere.

Wide panoramic views are challenging for the book format. Landscape formats in general have many disadvantages in books but in this case it was almost a must to use wide landscape format. Patric Söderlund started the book concept design and I finished it doing lot of work with image seqencing. I wanted to make continious flow of whole spread images with 20 mm margins. That is interrupted every now and then with some single page images. In the end there are essays by Jean-Michel Huctin and Pirkko Siitari.

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