Fastems FMS Taydellä teholla

ClientFastems Oyj
SizePortrait 220 × 283 mm
Content200 pages
BindingSewn binding, Hard cover with matt lamination and hotfoil embossed text.
PrintingOffset printing CMYK + 1 pms

Concept and graphic design, layout, photo adjustments and CMYK-separations, supervision of the printing work.

FMS means Flexible Manufacturing System and Fastems is a Finnish company operating worldwide designing and producing intelligent factory automation solutions mainly for metal cutting industry. This book tells about contemporary automated factory and storage systems and how they have developed during the past 30 years. The main idea behind the book is to showcase their customers automation solutions. Idea to bring corporate customers to the highlight and let them speak for you is brilliant! There is nothing better than satisfied customer why wants to share their good experiences.

The book is printed in offset with 4/4 CMYK + 1 PMS blue metallic colour. The technological metallic blue ink is used in headlines and captions as well as in the full bleed images that start every new chapter. No two columns start on the same line and the column heights differ on spreads. This gives very nice visual alternation to the body text and at the same time it mimics the visual forms of factory storage systems. Also, the images vary in size and how they are placed on pages. I’m very happy about the look of this book. It is a corporate book with a fresh identity. Readability and legibility are on great level and those are always my greatest concern when setting the type.

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