Luova Photo Book Series

ClientLuova Helsinki
SizePortrait 165 × 215 mm
LanguageEnglish with slip-in folio of translations in Finnish
FontsAuto and Dolly by Underware
PaperPaper varies depending on book, Galerie Art Volume 130 g, Arctic Volume or Scandia 2000 smooth white.
Every book contains one collectible image printed on Museo Silver Rag paper.
PrintingDigital printing
Limited edition of 300 copies

Concept & graphic design

Luova is a small Finnish company that makes printing and framing for the artists. Luova photo books is a series where visual artists and photographers can publish their side projects. The concept behind this series is to make small books with soft cloth cover where the cloth colour varies on every book. The page number is between 40–80. Every book has limited edition of 300 containing one collectible pigment ink photograph that is possible to tear off from the book along the perforation. Every book and collectible image is signed and numbered by the artist. The fonts are Dolly and Auto by Underware and they are always the same. The image layout may vary depending on the material. On the cover there is always only the name of the artist and the name of the book. The book is printed digitally with either Ricoh or HP indigo. The books are glue bound. In every book there is text that is maximum 2 pages long.

This project has been fun to make. Digital printing is now more democratic way to print books. One big advantage is that you do not have to make the whole edition at once because there are no big expences to start the printing work like in offset printing. In HP Indigo the quality starts to be really good. Challenge has been that the glue binding does not work so well with full spread images. This might be fixed in the future when we might be able to do these as thread bound.

Black and White Movies

  • Mika Taanila
  • 44 pages
  • Text Olaf Möller
  • ISBN 978-952-5755-05-3


  • Antti Nylén
  • 76 pages
  • Text Antti Nylén
  • ISBN 978-952-5755-06-0


  • Martti Jämsä
  • 62 pages
  • Text Leena Kuumola
  • ISBN 978-952-5755-07-7

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