Museum Meditations

ArtistJorma Puranen
PublisherJorma Puranen / Aboa Vetus Ars Nova Museum Turku
Size200 × 280 mm
Content64 pages / 40 images
LanguageEnglish and Finnish
TextsAlistair Hicks
FontsNexus serif Pro, Nexus Sans Pro and Gotham Thin
PaperArctic Volume Ivory 150 g,
front and end papers: Geltex silks 115 g
BindingSewn binding, hard cover
PrintingUV offset printing

Concept of the publication, design and layout, edit and sequencing and taking care of the production.

Museum Meditations is a small publication made in conjunction with Jorma Puranen’s exhibition at the Aboa Vetus Ars Nova Museum in Turku, Finland.

For this book I used bulky yellowish Arctic Volume that has a nice uncoated feeling but still allows a superb printing quality. Although the paper is already warm in tone it still accepts a warm printed background tone on every page. As a contrast to that I used dark blue Geltex Silks for the front and end papers. The book begins with a three spread collage-type selection of small illustrations and photographs followed by larger photographic works.

The format of this book is quite close to A4-size still being a bit smaller and shorter in size. Although being so close to the most used paper format the feeling of the book is unusual; it feels surprisingly narrow and tall.

The essay text Path North by Alistair Hicks is set with Nexus Serif font that has a relatively large point size. It is beautiful and easy to read.

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