And Time Is No Longer an Obstacle

ArtistNiko Luoma
PublisherHatje Cantz
Size250 × 305 mm
Content136 pages / 60 images
TextsLyle Rexer, Daniel Marzona and Timothy Persons
FontsJohn Downer’s Vendetta by Emigre
PaperGalaxi Keramik 170 g
BindingSewn binding, hard cover with dust jacket

Concept & graphic design of the publication.

Niko Luoma’s first monograph presents his unique abstract analogue photography. The book consists of four bodies of work: MotivesCronosKairos and Symmetrium.

The book presents Niko’s great works in a simple and beautiful way without being just another “American photobook”. Aim was to make a minimalistic book with a little bit of twist. Smaller images are placed low on the page, that is very small detail but makes a big difference and gives nice impression. The sequencing in this book works really well too. John Downer’s Vendetta font has lots of small beautiful details. It looks unique and works perfectly with the book concept.

Detail of the work Symmetrium #2 fills the whole dust jacket. It is a bright work that flickers with complementary colours red and green. The hard cover under the dust jacket is matt black with shiny spot varnish on text and the fly leaf papers are mid grey. I love this combination.

The book looks really good and it is a must for the fans of abstract photography.

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