Väestösuojien rakentamisen historia ja käsikirja 1927–2016 / History & handbook of the Civil shelter building and design

ClientPekka Rajajärvi
SizePortrait 245 × 300 mm
Content432 pages
TextsPekka Rajajärvi
PaperGalerie Art Volume 130 g
BindingSewn binding, hard cover with soft touch lamination

Concept and graphic design, layout, tables, charts and diagram design, photo adjustments and CMYK-separations and supervision of the printing work.

The author of this book, Pekka Rajajärvi, was the head authority in Finland on the field of civil shelter building and design regulations. He is a man who know the most of Finnish civil shelters and their building regulations. This book is his legacy that he wanted to make to share and store his knowledge to this field. It is one of a kind book in the world.

The book is massive. It has 432 pages full of tables, diagrams, charts and regulations. There are plenty of images and a very long review on the history of civil shelter building in Finland and also round the world.

Because there is lot of text, we wanted to make this book large and avoid fully packed pages. There are wide margins, and lot of air for the elements to breath. We wanted to use bright pink and cyan colours to give counterbalance for the heavy regulations text. The paper is bulky Galerie Art Volume 130 g. It feels great to fingers, it is easy to read and pleasant to the eye and it enables good printing quality.

An USB-memorystick was made to accompany the book and it contains all the regulations as PDF and Word-documents. This book is a must for the people doing anything on this field.

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