Tunteita ja Tunnelmia tunturimaja Ylläksellä

ClientAdelec Hiljahousing
PhotographyNiclas Warius
Size228 × 228 mm
FontsVendetta by Emigre
PaperMunken Lynx 170 g by Arctic Paper / Papyrus, Invercote creato matt by Antalis for the cover.
BindingLaminated softcover with flaps

Concept of the publication, design / layout, photography, image adjustments and CMYK-separations.

This is a nice project about private villa in Northern Fell Lapland. The idea of the book was to document the comprehensive design of the villa. All the textiles and even the tableware were designed custom made just for this villa.

Because it was very much aboit material, textiles and feelings I wanted to give this book nice soft and haptic feel. Content paper is uncoated Munken Lynx 170 g and the cover is Invercote creato matt. The book has a softcover with lamination. The type is set with John Downer’s beautiful Vendetta by Emigre fonts. Very nice project to do.

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